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A Navy Commanders Letter to a Newborn Baby

One of the privileges I have as a Commanding Officer is to be one of the first people to welcome a newborn baby into this world. Last month one of our sailors had a newborn baby girl, Mary Jane. While our staff fund sent the standard flowers and congratulatory card, I wanted to add a more personal touch to this special occasion.

Below is a letter I wrote to my sailors newborn baby girl which included a command coin. It is my hope other Commanding Officers can use this letter as a template for welcoming the babies other service members into this world.

Dear Mary Jane,

Welcome to this amazing world! We are glad you are here and excited to share it with you.  On the day you were born your dad was serving in the United States Navy as a member of Mine Countermeasures Division Three One. Over the last few years I’ve gotten to know your dad pretty well, and I can assure you there is  no better examples for you to follow.

Throughout your life you will hear about your dad’s service in the Navy, the adventures he had and the commitment that is required to serve. I want to let you know that when your dad joined the Navy he made a commitment to serve the Nation, the community and his family so that you could grow up in a free land of nearly limitless opportunity. Day or night, in any location of the world, you dad is committed to go into dangerous areas to make the seas safe for fisherman, merchants, and anyone sailing on the water.

Your dad is an example of a living hero, and no matter how hard you look I do not think you will find an example of a better hero to emulate.

Please accept this command coin as a token of my appreciation of your dad and my hope to someday meet you.

All the best, John

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